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Picture the scene:  La Rosiere,  -10 degrees, and a raging gale is blowing.  I can hardly see the tips of my skis for the lack of visibility.  Still, I manage to navigate the piste, and even the unseen mogles don’t manage to get the better of me.  And I take that elevator drop in my stride.  It’s pretty rough out there, but nothing is going to unsaddle me today….

Well, that was until I took refuge from the storm in The Roxi Bar at the bottom of the Fourclaz Express and order hot chocolate.  This bad boy set me back £4. It was pretty good though.

I know that this probably isn’t really the most expensive hot chocolate in the world, but it’s a good starter for 10.  If you know of a more expensive specimen, please let us know!


One Comment

  1. the most expencive hot choclate is $25’000 US dollars

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