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We’re off on our first ski trip of the season, but it’s with slightly mixed emotions.  The ChaletPro team had planned to see in the new year in La Rosiere.  We were all pretty excited – it was looking like one of the best starts to a season for decades, and we were going with some great friends.  None of us had been to La Rosiere before so there was also a slight sense of discovery.  It was all looking good until someone decided to open a door.  Normally not a problem, unless it’s a car door and it’s into the path of a cyclist doing about 20mph.  I’ll save you the slightly grizzly details, but the result is that we’re a man down (not permanently thank god, but just for the trip).  If you really want to see the result of car door vs. cyclist, you can find it on flickr, but I warn you it’s not for the faint hearted.

It’s going to make for a slightly strange holiday – it will be the first time in years that we’re not all together as a group.  We’ll just have to remember to take some rubbish photos, and to lie about how deep the snow was.  The good news is that we’ll all be back together for our trip to Canada in February, so until then bicycles are off limits.


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